Christmas with the Kranks - JonTron

25 Th12, 2016
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Jon Jafari - Himself
Co-Worker - Javarr Tarrell
Director/Writer - Jon Jafari
Assistant Director/Line Producer - Sergio Torres
Director of Photography - Nick Oliver
Assistant Camera - Dylan Lopez
Gaffer - Mike Shayne
Sound - Matt Nissen
Makeup/Special Effects- Melanie Licata
Production Assistant - Aramis Klein
Post Production:
Lead Editor - Jon Jafari
Assistant Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Title Cards/Intro/Art Assets - Michael Azzi :
JonTron Logo: Keanu Modeseven Jones + Shane Gill of
Christmas JonTron Theme by:
"He Chose Me Remix" by LilTommyJ:

  • "The United States is on fire" *nervous laughter*

    Shoto TodorokiShoto Todoroki2 phút trước
  • He Chose ME.... He Chose....MEEE~~~

    SushiNadeSushiNadeNgày trước
  • Yeah no thks movie is hot fuzz christmas edition

    Jackiplier12 YTJackiplier12 YTNgày trước
  • Christmas 2020 am I right?

    ZenithStudioZenithStudioNgày trước
  • It's really weird even seeing a video of people not wearing masks out in public

    Dr. FandomDr. FandomNgày trước
  • Don't worry past Jon, it's still burning. If anything it's gotten worse

    Dr. FandomDr. FandomNgày trước

    Tarra GamerTarra GamerNgày trước
  • 8:50 I’m never getting tired of that part 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    COMMIE-BUNNY, The one everyone hatesCOMMIE-BUNNY, The one everyone hatesNgày trước
  • so judging by all the previous months comments of "History repeating itself" jokes, and the state of america yet again, safe to say that america is just literally always on fire

    Pipboy4111Pipboy4111Ngày trước
  • 6:35

    Movie MayhemMovie Mayhem2 ngày trước
  • Kranks: *Doesn't go with Christmas Tradition* The Neighborhood: *You will be sent to the Gulag by morning*

    Josh KeeneJosh Keene2 ngày trước
  • I'm dumbfounded that the screenplay was written by Chris Columbus, especially considering the endless atrocious writing of this movie that Jon showcases in the video

    Guinea Pig EverydayGuinea Pig Everyday2 ngày trước
  • I love how the opening still matches to the condition now

    GrayssaGrayssa2 ngày trước
  • I always used to read the book version of this when I was a kid near Christmas for a while. I would say that in my opinion the book is way better than the movie. As a kid I was bored and we had this in the Christmas stuff so I read it.

    Bob BobBob Bob2 ngày trước
  • Something tells me all the characters in this movie live on top of snobs nob

    Kanaan JonesKanaan Jones2 ngày trước
  • 3:49 is a truly funny joke that everyone should appreciate because the subtlety of it is just perfect

    Ovven AKA #1DeniAvdija Fan AccountOvven AKA #1DeniAvdija Fan Account3 ngày trước
  • He chose me

  • Keeping on the tradition of saying that the opening gag really aged well

    BrickBrick4 ngày trước
  • “I am allah”. -random Christian street guy

    That weeb degenerate ANIMEThat weeb degenerate ANIME4 ngày trước
  • "No more Christmas?" What are those guys, Puritans?

    Lorenz CanedoLorenz Canedo4 ngày trước
  • Could Jon be the next Michel de Nostradame?

    Zierin NelsonZierin Nelson4 ngày trước
  • You should have made this 2020

    AdventuresOfTitanosaurusAdventuresOfTitanosaurus4 ngày trước
  • “THoSe ARE deH onlEH CHUrchEs thUt haVe GODDD.”

    Dancing ShadowsDancing Shadows4 ngày trước
  • An intro that was just like the joker, relevant at the exact same time and all year long.

    Pepijn 15Pepijn 155 ngày trước
  • It’s weird how his bird’s name is Jacque And my last name is Jacquez ( pronounced like “Hawkis”)

    ReE IReE I5 ngày trước
  • who's on a jontrom marathon until the next vid drops? This is one of my favs of his

    bryan hongbryan hong6 ngày trước
  • 3:01 2020 mood

    DJ GAMERDJ GAMER6 ngày trước
  • For so long I was convinced this was just a fever dream I had..

    General KenobiGeneral Kenobi6 ngày trước
  • Jon: “Can you give me your best Tim Allen impression?” Random person: “ I am allah”

    TheNumberZer0TheNumberZer07 ngày trước
  • Plot twist: That crazy dude actually was God after getting hammered on New Years because he couldn't f*cking believe the state of the Earth at the time. Or frankly now.

    WALN ZellWALN Zell7 ngày trước
  • Plot twist: That crazy dude actually was God after getting hammered on New Years because he couldn't f*cking believe the state of the Earth at the time. Or frankly now.

    WALN ZellWALN Zell7 ngày trước
  • The bit with the white chocolate and the rain is fine as a standalone bit, but this isn't Saturday Night Live this is a Christmas movie!

    WALN ZellWALN Zell7 ngày trước
  • 4 years later. Still on fire. Probably even more on fire. Actually literally on fire. More literal than the level of literal Jon mentioned. There are forests burning in the west for miles as is the local Chick FIl A.

    WALN ZellWALN Zell7 ngày trước
  • This wasn’t posted in 2020 wow

    damnationdamnation8 ngày trước
  • Jon looked scared when that guy said "I AM ALLAH"

    Kent InsonKent Inson8 ngày trước
  • "Look Imma create a Church called 'The Seven'..." Wait, Stan Edgar is that you?

    kanishka sarkarkanishka sarkar9 ngày trước
  • 4 years later, the US is STILL literally on fire. When is God's revenge coming?

    Jonathan FauscettJonathan Fauscett9 ngày trước
  • The i am allah got me dead

    herbeflerb adurbherbeflerb adurb9 ngày trước
  • The real hero here is Chris Columbus, for being secure enough to write a screenplay about a holiday that ISN’T his

    Megaz00Megaz0010 ngày trước
  • I would not live with anyone of those people who were nothing but selfish greedy cunts to the protagonist

    Enthusiastic GamerEnthusiastic Gamer10 ngày trước
  • Bertram the butler?! Is that you??

    Zen MasterZen Master11 ngày trước
  • Is no one going to talk about 3:04

    CDC Agent 19CDC Agent 1911 ngày trước
  • Three years later, and the US is still on fire.

    thejunksynchronherothejunksynchronhero11 ngày trước
  • 3 years later and America is still on fire

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha11 ngày trước
  • Wow, this movie was much weirder than I remember.

    Finn 64Finn 6412 ngày trước
  • He chose me, he chose me

    Calvin FloresCalvin Flores12 ngày trước
  • Just your average Chicago suburb everybody

    nealynealsternealynealster12 ngày trước
  • New York in flames God: it’s corona time

    Shaun’s confusing MachinesShaun’s confusing Machines13 ngày trước
  • I truly hope that the guy at the end was a joke

    Jerome ValeskaJerome Valeska13 ngày trước
  • die antwoord in the background 0:42

    SnowSnow14 ngày trước
  • god has exacted his revenge

    Grass Board NerdsGrass Board Nerds14 ngày trước
  • Why does “America is Literally on fire right now” have multiple relevancies this year.

    Super Epic MinerSuper Epic Miner15 ngày trước
  • You’re not funny saying “oH tHe bEgiNninG aGed LikE wiNe,” scroll through the comments and everyone is saying it.

    RypnamiRypnami15 ngày trước
  • "Don't worry Jaques. Soon God will exact his revenge upon us for our imperfections" *Like fine wine, Jon*

    fockin greatfockin great17 ngày trước
  • i done tell all ya where i toe

    sosboi 123sosboi 12317 ngày trước
  • I've seen this movie before, it's weird.

    Benjamin MenkenBenjamin Menken18 ngày trước
  • This guy just... he really jumped the gun in the USA being on fire

    Cynic The HedgehogCynic The Hedgehog18 ngày trước
  • I am allah

    Ricky AinsworthRicky Ainsworth18 ngày trước
  • 2:00 is that supposed to be Jack Frost on the right, or Dante and Vergil’s weird uncle from Sparda’s side of the family...?

    The Geeky PreacherThe Geeky Preacher20 ngày trước
  • Wait the guy at the end said he would create a church called "The Seven"? Is he one of the mihoyo devs? 🤣

    Spitfire HDSpitfire HD21 ngày trước
  • "soon god will exact his revenge apon us for our imperfections" well it has begun

    Mr Zombified CatMr Zombified Cat21 ngày trước
    • @Bungle Gorf the plague

      Mr Zombified CatMr Zombified Cat21 ngày trước
    • Wym?

      Bungle GorfBungle Gorf21 ngày trước
  • Go ahead. Run. BUT WE'LL FIND YOU.

    Platinum Power RangerPlatinum Power Ranger22 ngày trước
  • I would move out of that town if they kept bothering me about leaving for Christmas or not wanting to celebrate it for one year, and putting up the exact same snowman as everyone else. Sometimes my family and I go spend Christmas in another state and I bet that if I lived in this town, they would act like I was a criminal or something

    Ashura ConlaAshura Conla22 ngày trước
  • "Lets get the fuck outa here"

    Gummy SpiderGummy Spider22 ngày trước
  • I love this movie. It's terrible, but I love it.

    Andy BlantonAndy Blanton22 ngày trước
  • 19:02

    Star Princess 69Star Princess 6922 ngày trước
  • 2:44 - what Christmas in 2020 is going to be like.

    Geordie JoeGeordie Joe23 ngày trước
  • I hate this movie so much! Hahaha

    Daniela CarreraDaniela Carrera23 ngày trước
  • Jungles of accurate

    Daniela CarreraDaniela Carrera23 ngày trước
  • “weird communistic style conformity” bro this takes place in america where everyone is pushing consumerism onto them that was dumb as fuck

    owenowen23 ngày trước
  • Why did i thought He was looking for his mask at 3:50

    theo illenbergertheo illenberger24 ngày trước
    • O how things Change, I act alike now...

      Rafael VargaRafael Varga20 ngày trước
  • but why the picture of die antwoord?

    Harry EdgsonHarry Edgson24 ngày trước
  • Christmas 2020

    JOEL FISHJOEL FISH24 ngày trước
  • Glad to see nothing’s changed

    Jason HollandJason Holland24 ngày trước
  • america, yo soy

    The Official Marty Walsh YouTube ChannelThe Official Marty Walsh YouTube Channel24 ngày trước
  • It really was santa wasnt it?

    MegaWhiteLordMegaWhiteLord25 ngày trước
  • I actually enjoy Tim Allen Christmas movies

    Matt StebbinsMatt Stebbins25 ngày trước
  • you think 2016 was bad?.. lol

    parkat Gamingparkat Gaming25 ngày trước
  • 3:02 Y

    Karen SheetsKaren Sheets25 ngày trước
  • This extra relevant in 2020 0:38

    the big cheesethe big cheese25 ngày trước
  • America is on fire again

    julius ochoajulius ochoa26 ngày trước
  • Lol, my mom loves this movie. Don't ask me why

    King LilithKing Lilith27 ngày trước
  • "To infinity, and beyond! *squish*"

    Olle ForsbergOlle Forsberg27 ngày trước
  • "The US is literally on fire rn" Oh you think 2016 was bad? get ready for 2020

    AareonAareon27 ngày trước
  • The frosty the showman thing makes sense if you live in within a HOA.

    barbaro267barbaro26727 ngày trước
  • 19:40 lets get the fuck out of here right now

    Adam TaylorAdam Taylor28 ngày trước
  • 3 years ahead of its time

    Link NLink N28 ngày trước
  • I like this movir

    sometimes lolsometimes lol28 ngày trước
  • 7:36 Is that Jacque? It's a little too real he okay? 😰😰😰😰😰

    ryoga81 !ryoga81 !28 ngày trước
  • Had to check the data after watching this in 2020

    mustangkraft505mustangkraft50529 ngày trước
  • That fire isn’t just America anymore.

    W.EthanYTW.EthanYT29 ngày trước
  • I never thought I'd say that 2016 were such simpler times.

    Banjo PeppersBanjo PeppersTháng trước
  • Ngl this movie was my childhood

    premixed saltpremixed saltTháng trước
  • This is a horror movie.

    Czech MateCzech MateTháng trước

    RutabagaRutabagaTháng trước
  • *_History repeats itself_*

    ShoopdahoopShoopdahoopTháng trước
  • Somehow, 0:50 keeps getting more and more relevant. Oh, and so do most of the clips following, such as the riots and God exacting his revenge.

    Grim Sleeper 18Grim Sleeper 18Tháng trước
  • Is nobody going to talk about how Jon literally slit his fucking wrist for a joke at 3:03? (Yes I know he didn’t really do that but shhhh)

    David JohnsonDavid JohnsonTháng trước
  • Nothing changed in 4 years

    Goodmanperson55Goodmanperson55Tháng trước
  • 17:00 Chekov's umbrella.

    Throgg KingofTrollsThrogg KingofTrollsTháng trước