Goosebumps: PART 2 - JonTron

30 Th10, 2013
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Jon revisits R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series for halloween! PART DEUX!
Shane Gill for Lil' JonTron Head Splat:
Keanu Modeseven Jones for JonTron Logo:
Michael 'Michafrar' Azzi for Halloween Intro Animation and Pixel Art:
Jerrod 'JerryTerry' Waters for Halloween Intro Theme:
Chris Niosi for filming and help:
Nicole Rodriguez for filming and help.

  • Among Us in a nutshell: 16:17

    FaucetHoseFaucetHose6 phút trước
  • Happy 🎃 Halloween2020 . We need another one of these worst goosebumps episode please!!!

    Eber D.CEber D.C8 phút trước
  • 7 years later, still gold

    HazardousHazardous16 giờ trước
  • So he says she’s his best friend yet asks where the bathroom is in her house?

    Connor RobinsonConnor RobinsonNgày trước
  • Right on time

    Real GM MReal GM MNgày trước
  • me watching the video: *normal* me after few minutes: *wheezing*

    「 Cøzy._.Pilløw 」「 Cøzy._.Pilløw 」Ngày trước
  • 7 years to the day, time sure does pass.

    Lucas BowlsbyLucas BowlsbyNgày trước
  • Who is here 7 years later reminiscing about simpler times

    Jayren Cruz LopezJayren Cruz LopezNgày trước
  • 3:45 don't mind me, I'm just killing HmMmMm

    The Pyro that dose shitThe Pyro that dose shitNgày trước
  • Man why didn’t he do more of these ?

    secureteam12secureteam122 ngày trước
  • 4:08 We all came here for this

    Windows 7Pro2009Windows 7Pro20093 ngày trước
  • Holy shit your acting out of the can't a guy get some privacy line had me screaming

    noo dlesnoo dles3 ngày trước
  • What we were all waiting for: 4:00 and 5:34

    MrMcToasty 103MrMcToasty 1034 ngày trước
  • Why does r.l. stine's books always have people saying they dont know something and it always gets someone screwed because people were selfish and wouldnt tell them about the murderer or whatever

    Kanaan JonesKanaan Jones4 ngày trước
  • The twice removed means that they’re two generations away. So the old people were two generations older, so around the same age as their grandparents.

    Jack BrownJack Brown4 ngày trước
  • Wait what if...... *I'm a ghost?*

    Genral GuyGenral Guy5 ngày trước
  • A very select few episodes were decently written, but yeah, most of the show was poorly put together.

    Elemental CoreElemental Core6 ngày trước
  • Hears.a random person keeping pace behind me* I don't like where this is going

    The Slasher of memesThe Slasher of memes6 ngày trước
  • Oh it’s October, time to do the yearly tradition of watching all of JonTrons Halloween videos

    Michael TropfMichael Tropf6 ngày trước
  • I loved the ghost beach book

    ActuallyActually6 ngày trước
  • Twice removed

    Christopher SzaboChristopher Szabo6 ngày trước
  • They may be good ghosts........DEFINITELY a liar!

    Christopher SzaboChristopher Szabo6 ngày trước
  • Let’s say the ghosts weren’t sent to the Yu-Go-Oh! Shadow realm. What would’ve happened if they just let em go lmao

    Unkn0wn404Unkn0wn4046 ngày trước
  • Among Us gameplay: Im not the ghost your the ghost

    Vital BiscuitVital Biscuit6 ngày trước
  • Holy shit guys, did Cousin/Grandparents feed the kids DOGS?!?

    sketchsawyersketchsawyer7 ngày trước
  • That one girl is a young zoolander

    Michael MancokeMichael Mancoke8 ngày trước
  • Bless the VIworld algorithm for recommending part one of this to me on this extra cursed spoopy time of year 💖

    Sophia DaLovingLionessSophia DaLovingLioness8 ngày trước
  • When he said she can make Gandhi pretentious it made me think about clone high Gandhi

    Saiyan RamosSaiyan Ramos8 ngày trước
  • 12:20 Aurora Borealis?! At this time of day, at this time of year, in this part of the country, localized entirely within that spooky cave?

    Nater KNater K10 ngày trước
  • 12:56 , my favorite JonTron line,

    Ryan AshlandRyan Ashland11 ngày trước
  • Ah yes! 10+ Memes in one Episode Now this looks like a Job for Me.

    BlazeTrail 1269BlazeTrail 126911 ngày trước
  • 5:50 *Jontron starts opera singing*

    JonesDylan874 The Fragmentationer - Dylan's ArcadeJonesDylan874 The Fragmentationer - Dylan's Arcade12 ngày trước
  • It's october again, can we get another goosebumps/ are you afraid of the dark thing please, they both were remade into a movie so it would be nice now

    Z WilliamsZ Williams12 ngày trước
    • Or courage the cowardly dog review

      Z WilliamsZ Williams12 ngày trước
  • 1:05 what doctor would prescribe “no running” to a kid with ALLERGIES? i guess the same one that would diagnose excessive hair growth as “some sort of skin irritation”

    endma100endma10012 ngày trước
  • Why the cap at the end?

    Math MachineMath Machine12 ngày trước
  • People: watching anime Jontron: 4:23

    Nikolai BartlettNikolai Bartlett13 ngày trước
  • I feel like alot of the stuff Jon talks about in the second episode actually isn't that bad. For example, the fourth cousins twice removed are a realistic age, they are usually around the same age as granparents. And the thing about helping with reading was clearly intended to be a joke. In these horror ahow episodes, it has seemed several times like jokes are flying over Jon's head.

    Alwin WinterAlwin Winter13 ngày trước
  • 4:06 and 5:34

    Nick PenevolpeNick Penevolpe14 ngày trước
  • Actually it comes 31 times a year

    Joker0z70Joker0z7014 ngày trước
  • 7:59-8:02 me every Spooktober

    Yuuki TakemotoYuuki Takemoto15 ngày trước
  • 2013 jon wished me a happy Halloween.. right time of year as well heh

    Dr. SnoopDr. Snoop15 ngày trước

    Throgg KingofTrollsThrogg KingofTrolls16 ngày trước
  • It's a real missed opportunity for Jon to not follow up the "stupid bitch" line with a "GHOOOOOOST BIIIIIITCH" follow up. Other than that, this is perfection itself.

    GamePapaGamePapa17 ngày trước
  • Yo I still remember the one about slappy scared me dead and someone gave me a monster blood book when I was taking classes at a university it was great lol

    Kevin BenitezKevin Benitez18 ngày trước
  • 5:10

    Leaky BeetLeaky Beet18 ngày trước
  • So the moral of the story is don't use old tanning lotion or you'll turn into a dog? What?

    Benjamin MenkenBenjamin Menken18 ngày trước
  • I come back every october

    Mega SimpMega Simp19 ngày trước

    DaDewd2112DaDewd211220 ngày trước
  • So ghosts, who are ethereal beings that have passed on from the mortal plane... they eat dogs. They eat. Dogs. THEY EAT DOGS! *THEY EAT DOGS???!!!*

    KunisakeKunisake20 ngày trước
  • If those "cousins" were in their 20s or 30s, then I'd buy it. But they're not, so fuck it; they're grandparents

    KunisakeKunisake20 ngày trước
  • lol

    OmegaWolfOmegaWolf21 ngày trước
  • 3:08 I can't believe it... WHY DID YOU THE CAT?!!!

    Trick ShotTrick Shot22 ngày trước
  • You’re hard to love... but I love ya *HARD!*

    GFY ProductionsGFY Productions23 ngày trước
  • 4:09 when we have a quiz

    Su TartSu Tart23 ngày trước
  • October 2020, whos watching?

    Steven CooterSteven Cooter24 ngày trước
  • This got recommended SEVEN YEARS LATER. It doesn’t make any sense or any difference in how good it is.

    Kim BKim B25 ngày trước
  • Saving this vid for halloween

    TheChiefTheChief26 ngày trước
  • Y E S

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna26 ngày trước
  • 4:04 time stamp for me 5:30 another one

    Blackcat GachaBlackcat Gacha27 ngày trước
  • After 7 years, I finally understand what the fuck she's saying at 2:43. "We can say we played a concert in Hawaii!"

    RukalinRukalin27 ngày trước
  • A majority of the memes are here

    the zoo keeper of gacha wolvesthe zoo keeper of gacha wolves27 ngày trước
  • 1:53 she has 2 different colored eyes.

    Liam JuanLiam Juan27 ngày trước
  • Make a petition to make this the new goosebumps intro 17:39

    YoU hAVe CanCeRYoU hAVe CanCeR28 ngày trước
  • Louisa and Samuel were the imposters

    YoU hAVe CanCeRYoU hAVe CanCeR28 ngày trước
  • 1:53 I've been watching this video for years, and only just noticed that Lily's eyes are two different colors! Heterochromia! It's awesome!

    OB2KenobiOB2KenobiTháng trước
  • 5:47 I know puberty is terrifying but when you get older, you get used to it.

    MindBlaster 1993MindBlaster 1993Tháng trước
  • 2:43 I think she said “We can say we played a concert in Hawaii” but I might be wrong.

    FeloniFeloniTháng trước
  • Ghosts? Us? You're the ghost! Ah, yes! You thought I was the ghost because she, the ghost, convinced you that she couldn't be the ghost, but that I am the ghost! Clever tricks for a ghost. Replace ghost with impostor and you got yourself a typical Among Us discussion

    Pirabeiraba BoyPirabeiraba BoyTháng trước
  • 3:30 Why would his dad need a razor? He already shaved... 😳OH GOSH! TOSS IT OUT THE WINDOW!

    Jurassic HeroJurassic HeroTháng trước
  • Bruh anyone notice he has a real parrot on his shoulder

    FeeblebucketFeeblebucketTháng trước
  • 2:40 "We could say we played a concert in Hawaii."

    de1orean designsde1orean designsTháng trước
  • 4:01 are you looking for this?

    Joshua Yong Kwang MinJoshua Yong Kwang MinTháng trước
  • I laugh too hard at your videos to drink my coffee

    S. v. m. K.S. v. m. K.Tháng trước
  • I can't believe this is 7 years old, I feel old now. I remember showing this to my mom and friends when it came out lmao

    Garaylo1Garaylo1Tháng trước
  • He should do a part 3 and 4 now that a new goosebumps tv series is coming.!

    Jan EchevarriaJan EchevarriaTháng trước
  • I detect parallels between Goosebumps and Steamed Hams. Did someone just cover something up with Aurora Borealis?

    Wither SkeletonWither SkeletonTháng trước
  • Hahahah awww damn it just too good... holy hell love the video

    SkizzySkizzyTháng trước
  • 04:23 where is the fbi?

    Mai DumMai DumTháng trước
  • Stroke that cat!

    جارمين كيلجارمين كيلTháng trước
  • I don't know Sam was sus the whole time.

    WaterSheep-69WaterSheep-69Tháng trước
  • Jacques looks so cute. I wish I had a parrot/parekeet

    Flowey The FlowerFlowey The FlowerTháng trước
  • He would have been the PewDiePie today. But still OP🔥🔥

    codeNINEcodeNINETháng trước
  • And then, my- *S T O P*

    Tracy WhitehurstTracy WhitehurstTháng trước
  • Aurora Borealis?.......At this time of year?.....In this part of the world?.......Located entirely within the cave? .......Yes. Can I see it? .............mmmmmmm. No.

    deathshead357deathshead357Tháng trước
  • Aureola borealis and I got them simpsons flashbacks

    gibran trejogibran trejoTháng trước

    FinnickFinnickTháng trước
  • 5:30 I died. R.I.P

    Kbs0918 YTKbs0918 YTTháng trước
  • Why did those ghosts from the 1700s or whatever have hoodies and other 'modern' clothes? Also why do ghosts have to eat meat? And why did the kids parents think those old ghosts where their distant cousins...

    Trevor BurkeTrevor BurkeTháng trước
  • Oh my gosh, it's whoopee Goldberg!!!!!! Iaughed at that a lot, lol!! 🤣🤣😂😂

    Alex MartinAlex MartinTháng trước
  • 16:52 made me laugh for five minutes, FIVE MINUTES!

    ShirkuhShirkuhTháng trước
  • "Cousin! There's a ghost in the cave!" "No Jerry, it's just the northern lights"

    ShadoboyShadoboyTháng trước
  • Is someone in my bathroom Oh hey part 2 is out

    Super weird PlushSuper weird PlushTháng trước
  • This is from 7 years ago?!...

    Mr ZomboMr ZomboTháng trước
  • "A... aurora borealis?! At this time of year, at this time of day, at this part of the country, localized entirely within that cave(rn)?!"

    Arfan Eka DiandraArfan Eka DiandraTháng trước
  • W H A T

    Sky and CassSky and CassTháng trước
  • I remember ghost beach I like it when I was a kid but I was really dumb

    Crazy J ProductionsCrazy J ProductionsTháng trước
  • 2:25 this the best thing ever!!!!!

    Movie MayhemMovie MayhemTháng trước
  • 4:09 I don't like where this is going 4:14 STOP 4:18 STOP 5:45 S T O P The legend has spoken the word

    F i nF i nTháng trước
    • You are missing : S T O P ( but triggered)

      nicko3600 Pronicko3600 Pro7 giờ trước
    • @Doctor Sus STAHP

      charity lurantycharity luranty11 ngày trước
    • 5:45 *STOP*

      Doctor SusDoctor Sus20 ngày trước
    • The Legend Indeed.

      Riley HortonRiley HortonTháng trước
  • 1:43 this music is giving ptsd

    Jarude HecksterJarude HecksterTháng trước
  • you know, both of the ones jon showed this episode could have been solved with better communication. like, if I found out a person I hit it off with was actually a ghost trying to experience a chance at normal life, I'd totally hang out with them. a ghost friend? it'd be *awesome* . as far as the hairy one, I feel as though "hey there's way too much hair growing on my hand" is an entirely reasonable thing to bring up to your parents. him hiding it doesn't really seem to serve a purpose.

    AldarAldarTháng trước