29 Th04, 2019
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Jon Jafari - Director/Actor/Lead Editor
Sergio Emilio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative Writer
Mike Shayne - Gaffer/Assistant Cameraman/Creative Writer
Andrew Reynoso - Editor/Creative Writer
Lynell Vinyua - Production Designer
Charlotte Claw - Production Coordinator
Lewis Bown - Narration
Meel Lycatae - Hill Falldowner
Kov Zoborobino - Key Bratmaster

  • Hope you guys liked this video, making it was pretty insane LOL. Also thanks again to Philo for sponsoring so I can bring you THE BIG VIDS!! Click here to try em out

    JonTronShowJonTronShowNăm trước
    • I had respect for you, until you capitalised ur lol's. Unsubbed.

      BeanBean18 ngày trước
    • 0

      Hungry kidd LoyaHungry kidd LoyaTháng trước
    • Tvnt bb tunu k9lni.n gjog.))m II Khj

      Hungry kidd LoyaHungry kidd LoyaTháng trước
    • @Brandon Ponce indeed he did

      the skeliton crewthe skeliton crew2 tháng trước
    • You should have your on show on TV

      jan matjasicjan matjasic4 tháng trước
  • Well, seeing Portsmouth made me have a massive nostalgia trip from my youth, thanks JonTron!

    Katie GreyKatie Grey2 giờ trước
  • Well, if it isn't "Philo" pilo.

    SGamerSGamer4 giờ trước
  • I too am a veteran of the burrito wars. Semper Fidelis!

    Garth AlgarGarth Algar21 giờ trước
  • i swear, they could mistake him for autistic

    TheDrawing BirdTheDrawing BirdNgày trước
  • "some things you just don't do" I mean statisticaly yeah. Probably.

    84ever Fan84ever FanNgày trước
  • “Think of it as a update, but sometimes a update is less like a iPhone and more like a windows vista” I have never seen my culture summed up so well

    PlaguePlague2 ngày trước
  • jon you in ct?

    Ooferz manOoferz man2 ngày trước
  • Jonny Old English when?

    Shiny LaprasShiny Lapras2 ngày trước
  • As a Mainer, this is awesome!

    Death THunder StudiosDeath THunder Studios2 ngày trước
  • Seeing is only due to your eyes... ...or is it

    GG2 ngày trước
  • I love me a good patriot!

    philipphilip3 ngày trước
  • I'd pay 100 dollars for AN episode where Jon explores the Jungle with an expert. @ me bro

    You Hit My Car AbcYou Hit My Car Abc3 ngày trước
  • Apparently drinking the clam juice made him die in dark souls

    Global OutcastGlobal Outcast3 ngày trước
  • Oh my god. It’s downtown Portsmouth. Like 30 minutes from me if that

    Samuel AllenSamuel Allen4 ngày trước
  • Fake Paul Revere: The British are coming! History Nerds: Acktully it's the REGULARS Grenadier: Excuse me what the f*ck?

    WALN ZellWALN Zell5 ngày trước
  • Fort McClary used in: The Revolutionary War: Yep. The War of 1812: Yep The Civil War: Uh... World War I: But no one actually inva- The Spanish-American War: Again, no one actually attacked M- Come to Fort McClary. We've got more history than there is actual history. We had to make up stuff because we became useless after the British stopped caring.

    WALN ZellWALN Zell5 ngày trước
  • Isn't he one already

    Bindusuresh SureshbabuBindusuresh Sureshbabu6 ngày trước
  • Hey I was Where are you were standing

    Adam JabirAdam Jabir6 ngày trước
  • Dark Souls sound effect, that's always a plus

    Enfant Des AstresEnfant Des Astres6 ngày trước
  • Normals: “58” = Fifty eight Jon Tron: fifty eight = “OvEr 57 ChAnNeLs”

    ShezpankShezpank6 ngày trước
  • Huh, he used SMT music during the sponsor. I don't know how I missed that the first time I watched this.

    James SerhanJames Serhan7 ngày trước
  • Once I saw the “New English Jonny” I just had to watch

    Dutch Van der lindeDutch Van der linde7 ngày trước
  • J

  • I live in NJ and Atlantic City isn’t too bad... There are some good casinos... yea that’s about it

    Redaknight GamerRedaknight Gamer9 ngày trước
  • It has really been a year

    King K . RoolKing K . Rool9 ngày trước
  • Or in other words: Drunk man terrorrises New England.

    Milosz FratczakMilosz Fratczak9 ngày trước
  • I love how he realizes how dumb he looks

    R6 clipsR6 clips9 ngày trước
  • I mean really, what the fuck is this ?

    Dalton NdlovuDalton Ndlovu10 ngày trước
  • Wait did jon just detonate a nuclear weapon in 1605 against the British over 100 years before great Britain formed?

    luis perronluis perron10 ngày trước
  • For some reason I pictured someone on the highway passing you recognizing you, screaming jontron and throwing a milkshake at you at like 45mph. I laughed heartily.

    noo dlesnoo dles11 ngày trước
  • We’ll come for f****** London!

    Gundam BoizGundam Boiz12 ngày trước
  • Why was the fish lady so serious?

    Colonial AmericanColonial American12 ngày trước
  • “Over 57 channels” 58 channels. Why not just say 58 channels?

    Barend VisserBarend Visser13 ngày trước
  • Another JonTron video I had to watch a few times before I liked it

    treespunktreespunk15 ngày trước
  • Jontron actually looks like a decent cook.

    Benjamin MenkenBenjamin Menken15 ngày trước
  • That pot has to smell like shiett

    DerpyTurtle0762DerpyTurtle076216 ngày trước

    Yak3andT34Yak3andT3416 ngày trước
  • 3:56 I love those stock flapping sounds, lol!

    Captain AmericaCaptain America18 ngày trước
  • Jon: *Smacks with plate with knife to make a meal* Also Jon:*SNIIIIFFFFF

    Sceptile StoneSceptile Stone19 ngày trước
  • Look how fucking skinny you are in this

    Grundle TaintGrundle Taint19 ngày trước
  • 1:13 did anyone else notice the person in the background to his left?

    Grant HerdGrant Herd19 ngày trước
  • 7:01 "HELP I CAN'T SHIT NO MORE!!!"

    Doge 5600Doge 560020 ngày trước
  • *never heard of the spanish american war* jesus h christ, Jon...

    inspector gadgetinspector gadget21 ngày trước
  • How am I JUST seeing this?!?! It just showed up in my recommendations, but I'm subscribed to his channel and set to receive all notifications. Smh @ VIworld.

    James AlexanderJames Alexander21 ngày trước
  • Or: Jon plays make believe for 12 and a half minutes

    VagueOutlineVagueOutline23 ngày trước
  • John, those are quahogs.

    Ethan The AnimatorEthan The Animator23 ngày trước
  • It's pronounced chaudah

    Tucker MoriartyTucker Moriarty24 ngày trước

    SoundingTheSkiesSoundingTheSkies25 ngày trước
  • you're always welcome to New England, Jontron!

    Random Memes WeeklyRandom Memes Weekly25 ngày trước
  • When he talked about salt I thought he was gonna buy coke in the alley

    Sergeant NerfsALotSergeant NerfsALot27 ngày trước
  • “...and the Spanish-American War, which I didn’t even know happened until now. I guess we won.” I mean, you’re not wrong

    Dylan KornbergDylan KornbergTháng trước
  • “over 57 channels” 58 channels

    TacoAngel5 DudeTacoAngel5 DudeTháng trước
  • Jonny new english? what does jonny know now?

    frog appreciationfrog appreciationTháng trước
  • Is.. He in Portsmouth?

    sleestalksleestalkTháng trước
  • Step 1:Gathering Step 2:Eat

    Unicorn ToasterUnicorn ToasterTháng trước
  • I’m crushing on the fish girl

    Coops TentCoops TentTháng trước
  • Ive never seen a video so determined to be confused

    Carl JonesCarl JonesTháng trước
  • "Relative peace and prosperity" 😳😳😳

    Carl JonesCarl JonesTháng trước
  • The fish lady is actually kinda cute ngl

    The300PlayerThe300PlayerTháng trước
  • Local Walmart, must be Navajo, cracked me up because I'm Navajo😂

    Damion HongevaDamion HongevaTháng trước
  • Was this filmed in Portsmouth, NH or not?

    Commander Kittycat65Commander Kittycat65Tháng trước
  • * Laughs in a Maine December while it’s about -2 degrees and underneath about 10 blankets and and a heating blanket while eating hotdogs and ice cream *

    Xx_Your Local Trash Panda_xXXx_Your Local Trash Panda_xXTháng trước
  • A like for JonTron, is a like for endangered porpoises everywhere.

    HarleyAverageHarleyAverageTháng trước
  • 1234

    Timmaaa13 69Timmaaa13 69Tháng trước
  • Nobody is gonna say anything about when he typed walking dead, he clicked on spongebob?

    RandomStuff ytRandomStuff ytTháng trước
  • John Tron more like Jonathin tronathin

    Prem Nair gamingPrem Nair gamingTháng trước
  • next time you try to take america we'll come for London!

    Red Planet StudioRed Planet StudioTháng trước
  • i wonder if jon noticed at the time he was ending more and more videos with breakdowns

    smokey joesmokey joeTháng trước
  • This is just good content!!

    aaron jimenesaaron jimenesTháng trước
  • DAMN IT! I was hoping that Vermont would be mentioned...

    Jacob VillenaJacob VillenaTháng trước
  • anyone see the guy in the back roned 1:14

    it'smemetimeboi'sit'smemetimeboi'sTháng trước
  • Any shop keep that can handle him interviewing her has got my business

    ledzep22100ledzep22100Tháng trước
  • Anyone else notice the guy behind Jon at the beginning of the video?

    RTRTTháng trước
  • That food actually looks good tho.

    Summer ReaganSummer ReaganTháng trước
  • This is the best episode of Townsends so far

    Karla OCanonKarla OCanonTháng trước
  • "over 57 channels" *58 channels woopie*

    Captain KronoseCaptain KronoseTháng trước
  • This is my favorite vid

    Green FutureGreen FutureTháng trước
  • Jon Tron deserves at least 15 million subs for pure comedy and hard work on videos!

    AstroNautica 716AstroNautica 716Tháng trước
  • is that bigfoot 1:15

    thundergamerthundergamerTháng trước
  • 9:22-9:34 I feel like everyone in America knows someone who seems to think that's how it actually went down.

    Captain PåleggCaptain PåleggTháng trước
  • cable is free in my country

    ygo mangoygo mangoTháng trước
  • 9:24 Battlefield 6 looks sick.

    Laben VenciLaben VenciTháng trước
  • Did anyone else yell, "NO" when Jon put the fish in the tank? No? Just me? Ok

    Britta_UnfilteredBritta_UnfilteredTháng trước
  • Alternative title: Jon roleplaying for 12 minutes staight

    Fainthed CherryFainthed CherryTháng trước
  • "This state loves compliance" is an extremely underrated line.

    Generic ProtagonistGeneric ProtagonistTháng trước
  • The Riflemen house is just a house made by a Minecraft noob

    Stephanie HuberStephanie HuberTháng trước
  • “ lets leave that to simmer “ - jontron 2019

    keddagreat :Dkeddagreat :D2 tháng trước
  • Damn Jon that back hand strong, stay up pimp

    That One GuyThat One Guy2 tháng trước
  • Oh man, remember when you could just go shopping? Remember when the shelves were filled with a bountiful harvest and your face could lay barren in all of its grotesque glory?

    Heavy Metal CollectorHeavy Metal Collector2 tháng trước
  • oh jon you silly shit they did not have nuclear arms in the 1700s and 1800s >w>

    abject bruteabject brute2 tháng trước
  • after this bait and switch jon needs t review jonny english

    I drink waterI drink water2 tháng trước
  • One eye on the shadows, protecting his fellows From sun up to the moon on his back Sent the villains to Hades, a hit with the ladies A stallion in the sack You can't get your life back When right follows left Jack The more you see the less you know When others would leak it, his service is secret Plays God when it's your time to go Queen and country, safe and sound With villains six feet underground And no one knows 'cause no one's found Any trace of a man for all seasons Loves them and leaves them alone, so alone And you and I wouldn't have a clue Who's doing what, why, when and who? Up a creek with no canoe Watch out for the man for all seasons Loves 'em and leaves 'em alone, so alone But safe at home

    I drink waterI drink water2 tháng trước
  • 8:15 “all right, while we let this simmer” *sets down baked haddock*

    UltGUltG2 tháng trước
  • Bud. America didn’t exists in 1605😂

    Zion EstesZion Estes2 tháng trước
    • its a gag bud

      thundergamerthundergamerTháng trước
  • Are there any none white people there?

    Admin AdminsAdmin Admins2 tháng trước
  • Barny theme song in the back round

    O.G DADDY 69O.G DADDY 692 tháng trước
  • clam juice dark souls

    UmutumXDUmutumXD2 tháng trước
  • Honestly, scallops are WEIRD. They have bright blue eyes, tentacles and can swim. Like what the fuck.

    Video Game MusicVideo Game Music2 tháng trước
  • Ima drink a whole thing of clam juice in college for dominance

    Wof warrior 11 ReeeWof warrior 11 Reee2 tháng trước