15 Th05, 2012
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They only had a 11 billion dollars to test this game. If only they had 11 billion and one.

  • Ahh yes! The month the game released and I would spend 35 minutes trying to sign in just like this to eventually get in play an hour and get kicked...restart the process. Sad shit it my and two of my friends would get together in the same house and “lan party” so we could play together and smoke weed...we just fuckin endured it.

    Cody RslingCody RslingTháng trước
  • Oohoohuh....

    Donkey KongDonkey Kong2 tháng trước
  • all diablo games are trash tbh

    Mr. CactusMr. Cactus5 tháng trước
  • 0:00 When your ex asks for another chance.

    My Life is a Complex PasticheMy Life is a Complex Pastiche5 tháng trước
  • Diablo 3 Is not a real diablo game anyway

    GangladeshGangladesh6 tháng trước
  • I wonder if he still uses that email

    MamodokodMamodokod7 tháng trước
  • Jontronnity

    Me Is Person PersonMe Is Person Person8 tháng trước
  • diablo 4 was confirmed always-online today

    Bryson SpahnBryson SpahnNăm trước
  • so uh about diablo 4

    Edward the HazardousEdward the HazardousNăm trước
  • do you guys not have pee?

    Fierce VinegarFierce VinegarNăm trước
  • And to think Diablo III actually evolved into something glorious

    Anthony CamachoAnthony CamachoNăm trước
  • yeah, diablo is for the gay

    oldnotweakoldnotweakNăm trước
  • Still shows up in my recommend videos to this day.

    Justin BowmanJustin BowmanNăm trước
  • Jumping in the car kill me no am not saying that's the way we wash are hands falalalala!!

    SwapNekoKittenSwapNekoKittenNăm trước
  • well shit

    Jeremy VilleneuveJeremy Villeneuve2 năm trước
  • Man, Diablo Immortal looks great! (My Sarcasm hurts my soul)

    Gator159Gator1592 năm trước
  • Man, the commercials for this game really set everyones expectations way too high.

    FlykopeFlykope2 năm trước
  • Your finest video

    John O'ConnellJohn O'Connell2 năm trước
  • Don't worry, you weren't missing much.

    Fabian Francisco Felipe Fidel Fausto ForestiereFabian Francisco Felipe Fidel Fausto Forestiere2 năm trước
  • oh

    Drakos The Emerald SwordsmanDrakos The Emerald Swordsman2 năm trước
  • Not the best of times for Blizz that was.

    Kenguru SafariKenguru Safari2 năm trước
  • Fuck you if you dont REVIEW THE NEON DEMON

    Kammie TimothyKammie Timothy2 năm trước
  • I hope he didn't get a whole bunch of email spam after he made this video :/

    Gamefreak924Gamefreak9243 năm trước
  • yea!!! 1m

    JrcraftJrcraft3 năm trước
  • Get this shit up to 1M, I want all of Jon’s videos to have over 1 million views

    GoobrisGoobris3 năm trước
  • Was this meant to be a Vine?

    Peter SivazakPeter Sivazak3 năm trước

    BrinleyBrinley3 năm trước
  • Is he still live? Did I miss it? Sorry I was asleep.

    PlnkYellowBlackPlnkYellowBlack3 năm trước
  • LIKE

    TUNES THETUNES THE3 năm trước
  • Oh sure, Jon unlists all these classic episodes like Sonic R and King's Quest, but THIS he keeps up.

    setheurovision94setheurovision943 năm trước
  • Fun fact: this video and the Castlevania: Legends of Darkness (part 2) video are the only two jontron videos not to surpass a million views as of this comment.

    Acrid MoonAcrid Moon3 năm trước
  • They say he's still live to this day.

    Neightrix PrimeNeightrix Prime3 năm trước
  • 0:08 We got his email.... begin hacking his account now!

    Cr1TiKaL Full Streams - Random VideosCr1TiKaL Full Streams - Random Videos4 năm trước
    • He has alot of old game tutorials

      Dman kaboomDman kaboom2 năm trước
    • I did it!

      Dman kaboomDman kaboom2 năm trước
    • on it XD jk

      Hoopoe CARTOONSHoopoe CARTOONS4 năm trước
  • You alright Jon?

    Kaden JayKaden Jay4 năm trước
  • Where's the livestream?

    MANUEL XMANUEL X4 năm trước
  • Man I remember this. This and the auction house that allowed you to complete the build of your dreams by charging your daddy's credit card What a game it was back then.

    Guilherme CardosoGuilherme Cardoso4 năm trước
  • This exactly Pokemon Go: day 1

    ZeztiniZeztini4 năm trước
    • @GoodMachines Pokemon Go is awesome nowadays :3

      Joshuamiller19570Joshuamiller19570Năm trước
    • Y'all should play Pokemon GO now o/

      Joshuamiller19570Joshuamiller19570Năm trước
    • It's like this: the game is a cool idea on paper, but the execution was anything other than satisfactory. Like, imagine how it would feel if you went about playing the game, only to have it lock up or crash on occasion. Also, there are almost no interesting Pokémon to catch (you mostly just run into Rattatas and Pidgeys), the Pokéradar is a fucking joke, and Niantic had such a poor relationship with the players that chances of there ever being a reasonable update/patch to the game were very low.

      GoodMachinesGoodMachines4 năm trước
    • more like Pokemon Go(ing To Play Some Other Game Now)

      AnnemijnAnnemijn4 năm trước
  • Really sad they made d3 online only. Hopefully they change that at some point, because they have to shut down the servers at some time...

    MafiaManMafiaMan4 năm trước
    • +Code Batch Channel they WILL shut it down

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders4 năm trước
    • No I really don't think they will. D2 and D1 both have online and are still available to play to this day.

      Code Batch ChannelCode Batch Channel4 năm trước
    • be very afraid

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders4 năm trước
    • Play the PS3 version. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  • ERROR 37!!!! ERROR 37!!!! FUCKING ERROR 37!!!!

    WH250398WH2503984 năm trước
  • 0:07

    synthmalicioussynthmalicious4 năm trước
    • yes

      synthmalicioussynthmalicious4 năm trước
    • Press 4.

      lopoptoplopoptop4 năm trước
  • SAME

    Ynnel _Ynnel _4 năm trước
  • The console version was better

    Doug GibsonDoug Gibson5 năm trước
    • +Mati Coria I bought both.

      Doug GibsonDoug Gibson5 năm trước

      Mati CoriaMati Coria5 năm trước
    • +Mati Coria IT WAS!

      Doug GibsonDoug Gibson5 năm trước
    • Fuck you Flowey

      Mati CoriaMati Coria5 năm trước
  • The console version was better

    Doug GibsonDoug Gibson5 năm trước
  • oh that time when everybody rushed to buy d3 and everybody else got to watch them rage on youtube(for free) :D good times

    solaresonancesolaresonance5 năm trước
  • Tfw when he took it down the first time I screamed at Jon to put it back up and he did, the absolute madman!

    ShenShen5 năm trước
  • At least the soundtrack is somewhat good...

    HavodHavod5 năm trước
    • nah.

      Doug GibsonDoug Gibson4 năm trước
    • +Flowey Take your friendliness pellets and go

      Zane PhairZane Phair4 năm trước
    • +Zane Phair nah.

      Doug GibsonDoug Gibson4 năm trước
    • +Flowey leave now satan

      Zane PhairZane Phair4 năm trước
    • At least the console version was great fun.

      Doug GibsonDoug Gibson5 năm trước
  • Am i late?

    Bjarki JonssonBjarki Jonsson5 năm trước

    jorell kujojorell kujo5 năm trước
  • Ah yes I remember when the internets had problems with Diablo 3.

    The Everyday Spider-GuyThe Everyday Spider-Guy5 năm trước
  • if it was shorter it could've been classed as a Vine IF ONLY ;'O

    D3RAXU5D3RAXU55 năm trước
  • I would love to just take those few seconds of him saying FU & FU so I can use it as a reaction to fucking idiots

    roarshach13roarshach135 năm trước
  • i feel people are gonna send jon emails because we know his email now :3

    Belal GhunaimBelal Ghunaim5 năm trước
  • .... Bioutifoll

    7/11WasAnIsideJob7/11WasAnIsideJob5 năm trước
  • One Of The Ending Of The Top 15 Shocking Moments In Video Games

    christel vermotechristel vermote5 năm trước
  • Just the way he says "fuck you" is so damn funny. Always makes me laugh.

    mangbang66mangbang666 năm trước
  • DRM will be the downfall of america.

    Dan CosmeDan Cosme6 năm trước
  • MwahahahaaA...... IM FROM THE FUTURE! And in the future... there is no error 3003....

    Gauge BrownGauge Brown6 năm trước
    • @Alvin Wonder Well then that's GLORIOUS!

      Gauge BrownGauge Brown5 năm trước
    • IIIIMMMM FROM THE FUTUREEEEE OF YOURS... Jontron probably deleted it. :/

      Alvin WonderAlvin Wonder5 năm trước
  • What the fuck was that?

    I DONT NOI DONT NO6 năm trước
  • They neede that extra dollar

    Kyle buttKyle butt6 năm trước
  • JonTron is probably gonna delete this eventually, someone better download it.

    WrongButtonGamesWrongButtonGames6 năm trước
    • Been 8 years

      Common RamenCommon Ramen7 tháng trước
    • Hate to disapoint

      TheEmerald EndTheEmerald End10 tháng trước
    • Yeah nah 😂

      Gammamonkey 21Gammamonkey 21Năm trước
    • Yup, still here.

      Harri JokinenHarri JokinenNăm trước
    • he deleted like every video but this one, wtf

      Fierce VinegarFierce VinegarNăm trước
  • You should have seen the launch of Warlords of Draenor. By Blizzard. Yeah.

    thenotreallyfunnyguythenotreallyfunnyguy6 năm trước
  • Seems like a smart idea to do that lol.

    invghostinvghost6 năm trước
  • One can only dream

    Gabriel RussellGabriel Russell6 năm trước
  • ANNNND this is why i play tf2

    Sir. SheldingtonSir. Sheldington6 năm trước
  • One can only dream...

    jupiterjupiter6 năm trước
  • Its funny how I never had a problem like that.

    LoafLoaf6 năm trước
  • Me and my brother got on RIGHT at midnight before the login servers melted down, no one was on so the game servers were completely unloaded and we were able to play for 10 glorious hours completely lag free and lord it over everyone else then we pissed that advantage away and didn't get any world firsts...

    Pandaren Death KnightPandaren Death Knight6 năm trước
    • @Jackpkmn Oh sorry, my bad.

      ethanwdpethanwdp6 năm trước
    • @ethanwdp Yeah. Its been like this for a long time to keep login attempts from accidentally DDoSing in game players during times of high login when some time zones reach their peak times.

      Pandaren Death KnightPandaren Death Knight6 năm trước
    • @Jackpkmn So the login servers melted down but the actual game servers didn't?

      ethanwdpethanwdp6 năm trước
    • @ethanwdp I think you missed the part where the login servers melted down after just a short time. It wouldn't matter what time other people got on if it was about 10 minutes after launch they weren't getting on.

      Pandaren Death KnightPandaren Death Knight6 năm trước
    • You know that other parts of the world played it too, right? So it might be midnight for you, but surely it would be earlier/later for other players across the world, so wouldn't there still be a ton of players on from different timezones?

      ethanwdpethanwdp6 năm trước
  • AAAAAND... That's why The Path of Exile is a better DIABLO III than the actual DIABLO III

    Sir Moustachington The IIISir Moustachington The III6 năm trước
    • although this is a matter of opinion

      SlurpadoodlegamingSlurpadoodlegaming3 năm trước
    • because of a bad launch? have you actually tried the game? with the new expansion packs, kanai's cube, the necromancer class, and greater rift challenges? im guessing not.

      SlurpadoodlegamingSlurpadoodlegaming3 năm trước
    • @Dragadur I'm not implying that Diablo 3 is pay to win. I'm implying that free to play games typically are. Free to play is totally a pro, no matter what the game is. If a game is polished and given for free, that's great. And by interesting I mean there is no base currency, and that everything is traded for something considered of equal value. That is somewhat interesting to me.

      Josh KaryJosh Kary5 năm trước
    • @Josh Kary"It has an interesting barter system " Depends on what you mean by "interesting." "the largest skill tree I've ever seen" I've also seen it, and I think it's ridiculously huge. "it's free to play" So is Depression Quest. What's your point? "and it's not pay to win" Neither is Diablo 3.

      DragadurDragadur5 năm trước
    • @Dragadur It has an interesting barter system and has the largest skill tree I've ever seen, it's free to play, and it's not pay to win. How the FUCK are you looking down on that?

      Josh KaryJosh Kary5 năm trước
  • Archeage, they should have a reward for getting into that game somthing along the lines of congrats you survived the Que

    Jacob ElliottJacob Elliott6 năm trước
  • Lyk if u cri evertim

    Noa :3Noa :36 năm trước
  • I named my char, with that code error lol

    chetty burttonchetty burtton6 năm trước
  • 666,000 veiws on a Diablo video.

    Nub24Nub246 năm trước
  • Views almost to 666.666

    Murgu MihaiMurgu Mihai6 năm trước
  • Oh yeah, that reminds me...................................**flush*

    SavvySteakSavvySteak6 năm trước
  • Yay, know I know Jontrons email and Skype name!

    Big AIDSBig AIDS6 năm trước
  • They did a fkn tops job with RoS though

    Hanno Van OnselenHanno Van Onselen6 năm trước
  • Hold on I'm trying to find the words. Eh...... FUCK YOU!!!

    MackstaxMackstax6 năm trước
  • Review Slendytubbies

    GhastlerGhastler6 năm trước
    • No. Just no.

      Isaac SantiagoIsaac Santiago6 năm trước
  • Blizzard: Got too much money to do anything with, and they still can't release a game without a game breaking bug.

    TheNintendoherobrineTheNintendoherobrine6 năm trước
  • One cannoli dream?

    StevehSteveh6 năm trước
    • Hello from the future YOU ARE CRINGE, ALL OF YOU- DIE, CRINGE! DIE!

      M NM N8 tháng trước
    • Jontron singing firework

      Silver SpoonSilver SpoonNăm trước
    • Leave the game take the cannoli

      chrischrisNăm trước

      Jetpack GamerJetpack Gamer3 năm trước
    • Steveh i have many cannoli dreams

      RinocornRinocorn3 năm trước
  • Acornfilms said it best: Fuck you, Blizzard!

    goodwithastaingoodwithastain6 năm trước
  • Every time I have a JonTron binge, I watch this video first. I may be responsible for like 200 of these views.

    Troggie42Troggie426 năm trước
  • Mine worked fine the day of release.

    Arthao2Arthao26 năm trước
  • Hmm, Jon's email

    Kaleb DickersonKaleb Dickerson6 năm trước
  • As soon as I heard it was 100% online only, I abandoned the idea of buying the game completely. I don't always have internet access, and if I had set time aside upon release to play and got THAT I probably would've lost it.

    Carolyn SeversCarolyn Severs6 năm trước
    • you made a good choice. Game wasn't all it was cranked up to be, all that hype and waiting and all we got was disappointment.

      ItziItzi3 năm trước
  • When are you playing with NOVA!!!

    Pkuall4lifePkuall4life6 năm trước
  • may i say as a Diablo fan, Path of Exile, free to play , multiple classes, 1 hidden class, unlimited character skill freedom, made by Diablo fans, more expansions and patches released than Diablo3, the developers actually listen to the users experience and actually do somthing about it? and its all free to play on Steam ?! I own Diablo 3, and all i will say is FUCK YOU BLIZZARD YOU HAD 1 JOB.

    Juan UrquizoJuan Urquizo6 năm trước
    • Maybe I'm just jaded, but path of exile tries to do what open servers did for diablo 2, but still fall way short

      Chris LangstonChris Langston6 năm trước
    • @Lortagreb I really tried to get into it myself, but I also just kind of felt "meh" at best while playing.

      Carolyn SeversCarolyn Severs6 năm trước
    • Meh Path of Exile lacks feeling

      116 năm trước
  • Please, let me log into my single player game

    VicariousReality7VicariousReality76 năm trước
  • Me when my favorite tumblr blogs "no longer exist" FAK YOU

    Z-V-XZ-V-X7 năm trước
  • Dear Google...

    Series of Tubes PersonSeries of Tubes Person7 năm trước
  • Still not as bad as GTAV Online glitches. I LOST MY CAR 3 TIMES. LITERALLY. IT DISAPPEARED UNDER THE MAP.

    Jessalynne GarvinJessalynne Garvin7 năm trước
  • Trying to log in to Titanfall beta right now

    Rodger CrocketRodger Crocket7 năm trước
  • Man, Diablo 3's launch was almost as bad as a weekend on League's EUW.

    gnihtongnihton7 năm trước
    • lol meeeeeeeein ssup my koku jin

      Yahiaoui SenouciYahiaoui Senouci4 năm trước
    • @MartinSeptimII Well, thing is the EUW servers have now returned to the old standard of going down every few days, so I take back my previous comment, like all you want since it's true again now.

      gnihtongnihton5 năm trước
    • @gnihton You must know that people will subconsciously thumbs something up without knowing it because it already has a lot of thumbs up, I know cause I just did even though they may have no clue what the fuck youre talking about

      KingxDillonKingxDillon6 năm trước
    • @Alyks Syriece Spyro on the GC ... Ruined my life.

      NeoUzzyNeoUzzy6 năm trước
    • Funny i never realy had lags on EUW ..

      NeoUzzyNeoUzzy6 năm trước
  • Those wistful words... so powerful.

    ImperialGoldfishImperialGoldfish7 năm trước
  • Someone needs to make a mp4 file containing a collection of this sound file with other things like : Google plus, Tf2 going f2p, and the fake end to ghosts and goblins!

    StaraptorAmatinStaraptorAmatin7 năm trước
    • But only two of those are bad.

      NivrapNivrap7 năm trước
  • I had the same problem with Diablo 3 but I got it to work

    Madlyguyguy45Madlyguyguy457 năm trước
  • Only Jon can get 551k views from posting about server problems.

    LordFiscusLordFiscus7 năm trước
    • @jarrett maltry Nope, nothing's changed, views are still not representative of quality.

      TotallynotkyubeyTotallynotkyubeyTháng trước
    • @Totallynotkyubey LOL this guys comment aged well. Views mean nothing!... besides meaning everything to a VIworldr!

      jarrett maltryjarrett maltryTháng trước
    • From the future, he now has 1 million views on a 14 sec clip from 2012. Only Jon. He has so few videos, but that makes each all the more enjoyable and rewatchable.

      Luke MilbockerLuke Milbocker9 tháng trước
    • If only it’ll double within the next couple of years

      TheEmerald EndTheEmerald End10 tháng trước
    • Clearly you meant to say 1M views

      crontorcrontorNăm trước
  • Wow diablo 3 really why would you do this to Jon

    Thomas RizziThomas Rizzi7 năm trước
  • I always die at "One can only dream" XD

    Yoy HueYoy Hue7 năm trước
  • He made a lot of money on a 14 sec video

    Richard HendrixRichard Hendrix7 năm trước
    • @Hitler The Sequel um this was six years ago, people didn’t know how monetization worked back then. For all we know he might’ve, youtube was different back then.

      Em Tee Inn Sigh DuhEm Tee Inn Sigh DuhTháng trước
    • Bruh, literally no brain cells. Its a 13 second video, he swears in it a shit ton and there are no adverts. Its not monetized.

      Hitler The SequelHitler The Sequel8 tháng trước
    • ..Ohmygod, I know...

      Vegetarian FoodiesVegetarian FoodiesNăm trước