Titanic: The Legend Goes On - JonTron

31 Th10, 2015
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Wait, the Titanic wasn't real?!?! It was just a joke?!!?
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Director/Writer/Actor - Jon Jafari
Producer/Propmaster - Hila Klein
Writer - Zach Hadel
Director of Photography - Pete Polyakov
Gaffer - Sergio Torres
Sound - Matt Nissen
Makeup - Melanie Licata
Assistant Cameraman - John Kovalski
Waiter - Peter Forde
Underwater Man - Sergio Torres
Post Production:
Visual Effects - Pete Polyakov
Editor - Jon Jafari
Assembly Editor - Sergio Torres
Special thanks to Ethan Klein : viworld.info...

Title Cards/Intro/Art Assets - Michael Azzi : michafrar.tumblr.com/
JonTron Logo: Keanu Modeseven Jones + Shane Gill of viworld.info
JonTron ALEX S Remix: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmG_8...

  • watching this a day before its 5th year anniversary

    Infinitynous 1222Infinitynous 12222 giờ trước
  • Idea: William killed 3 people on the Titanic and more on the mainland in three counties. He was never caught.

    real estatereal estate4 giờ trước
  • was this his halloween special of 2015?

    Jacob NeildJacob Neild19 giờ trước
  • The animation looks like its from the jaguar/sega cd

    Tristin BlaisdellTristin BlaisdellNgày trước
  • look at his shoulder at 8:01

    Avery HarrellAvery HarrellNgày trước
  • Nobody: Jon to Karens : Their brain is eternally swollen.

    J. MarcetaJ. Marceta2 ngày trước

    abject bruteabject brute2 ngày trước
  • Jon tron is actually Danny divito under cover

    Mom - Char FiegenMom - Char Fiegen3 ngày trước
  • Soon you get the italianmade A Ledgend of the Two Towers... A beautiful animated movie about two towers in New York (and yes, the towers will sing a lovesong) that are destroyd by a tiny airplane that lost his way to go home....

    The black goat of the woodsThe black goat of the woods3 ngày trước
  • 10:32 His face looks like Tom Holland disagreeing with Star Lord about Thor’s appearance.

    Dancing ShadowsDancing Shadows3 ngày trước
  • 9/11: happens Children movie: 11:17

    Video Bird300Video Bird3003 ngày trước
  • 10:52 I still say this to this day.

    Chaos SSBChaos SSB3 ngày trước
  • Legend still has it that the steak he ordered is still sitting uneaten to this day

    Jacob BeimelJacob Beimel3 ngày trước
  • *insert "Nani da fuck?" meme*

    AmaterasuAmaterasu4 ngày trước
  • I’ve been a van for years and I just now get the final destination joke

    Joseph_BraunJoseph_Braun4 ngày trước
  • This movie is about as shameless as that version of Godzilla where Luigi Cozzi put footage of people actually dying in the Second World War.

    Harley ThomasHarley Thomas4 ngày trước

    LD CommandoLD Commando4 ngày trước
  • Did he change the picture of this video?

    Alwin WinterAlwin Winter4 ngày trước
  • My grade 1 teacher gave me a copy of this and warned me, ‘it’s really bad'

    vvmaxvvmax4 ngày trước
  • That opening was so poetic

    ian labargeian labarge5 ngày trước
  • This was written on the Titanic

    Harpritam DhaliwalHarpritam Dhaliwal5 ngày trước
  • Wait, why does he have a framed picture of Billy Joel on his wall? I guess the better question is, why don't I?

    Hunter AndryHunter Andry7 ngày trước
  • Lest we forget who Italy was allied to during WWII. It's a word that gets comments automatically deleted since Horseface Susan is still the CEO of this pathetic shitshow.

    Clam HammerClam Hammer7 ngày trước
  • Why isn’t Jon is a movie, I mean this guy is a really good actor and the movie would be hilarious with him in it

    The Talented OneThe Talented One7 ngày trước
  • So its a rip off

    Duckin GrimDuckin Grim9 ngày trước
  • Tittanic sunk and jack is dead

    Duckin GrimDuckin Grim9 ngày trước
  • “Pick up thise bits of broken china at once” has to be the funniest peice of cartoon dialouge I’ve ever heard.

    Coom FardCoom Fard9 ngày trước
  • He was the iceberg all along

    QalidurutQalidurut9 ngày trước
  • It took me 2 weeks to find out that jontron was saying “darling are these your skin marks”

    Sara.PSara.P10 ngày trước
  • Ok, but what about the lobsters in the titanic's kitchen?

    Joshua SteeleJoshua Steele10 ngày trước
  • I question what the budget was to the makings of this film.

    AquaAqua10 ngày trước
  • How has Saberspark not reviewed this yet?

    Giant Pink CatGiant Pink Cat11 ngày trước
  • 14:25 my favourite part Granny go on full sasquatch mode.

    crimson ninja knightcrimson ninja knight11 ngày trước
  • 15:21 BEST MOMENT

    Sam RobinsonSam Robinson11 ngày trước
  • 19:40 jon said ice "burn" just listen to what he says

    liam wendtliam wendt11 ngày trước
  • Still waiting for the vid about the other movie. 5 year anniversary of this vid is coming up in 2 weeks. That would be amazing if he actually does it.

    AzaAza11 ngày trước
  • That is by far the creepiest love interest I’ve ever seen.

    A Gay AutieA Gay Autie11 ngày trước
  • I’m surprised nobody mentioned the “Wait, this isn’t third class...” comment to the detective dressed as a Mexican

    James StralowJames Stralow12 ngày trước
  • I have a feeling i saw this movie as a kid.

    Ilija StanojkovićIlija Stanojković13 ngày trước
  • 11:16 Why does he look so out of place here and why does this remind me of the Emo Spider-Man scene

    Johnny JoestarJohnny Joestar13 ngày trước
  • 11:35 "ill take uhh...broken english for 800"

    Soki MohSoki Moh13 ngày trước
  • It’s funny because he’s a virgin that’s why she isn’t real

    David HurlburtDavid Hurlburt13 ngày trước
  • The only slapstick to add here is them being crushed by the collapsing funnels, die of freezing, being drowned, and being stuck in a room underwater slowly waiting for the water pressure to crush the windows and drown and more painful ways to die on the titanic

    MJB StudiosMJB Studios13 ngày trước
  • Part 0:45 The building looks like a crop picture tho

    SilencerTF2SilencerTF214 ngày trước
  • “Eeeee” same 😔

    ANTON KOSSANTON KOSS14 ngày trước

    mdjajf ksnfmsmdjajf ksnfms15 ngày trước
  • The most quotable man in existence ladies and gentlemen

    SOUL5 The FurrySOUL5 The Furry15 ngày trước
  • 11:18 when your a boomer but try to be hip and cool with genz

    Anne SchuppleAnne Schupple16 ngày trước
  • your production quality is on point. i wanna have a shot of meth and a beer with this guy.

    Sleepy G.Sleepy G.16 ngày trước
  • The two thieves the dog tripped I think are supposed to be the wet bandits from home alone

    Isaac BarkerIsaac Barker16 ngày trước
  • Thisnis the Kwisatz Haderach of bad rip offs!

    Danko SekulicDanko Sekulic17 ngày trước
  • We need something similar about the Black Death.

    Danko SekulicDanko Sekulic17 ngày trước
  • Love how disturbed Jon was when the dog started rapping.

    Cloud the ProtogenCloud the Protogen18 ngày trước
    • So was I 🤯 ... and I was prepared, since I read the comments !

      Danko SekulicDanko Sekulic17 ngày trước
  • Actually, dogs WERE on the Titanic, only the first class were allowed them though

    Adam ChmielewskiAdam Chmielewski18 ngày trước
  • I remember watching this when I was 9. Wow.

    kris r.kris r.19 ngày trước
  • I Wonder how Titanic: Honor and Glory would react if they saw this movie.

    Noah NormanNoah Norman19 ngày trước
  • 22:30 at the bottom of the fucking ocean are you crazy?

    Matthew SpurlockMatthew Spurlock19 ngày trước
  • "Party Time" actually sounds like a good song

    pingpong pulverpingpong pulver20 ngày trước
  • “Going into this movie everyone already knows how its gonna end” I mean, the same could be said about James Camerons Titanic too. Its about the T I T A N I C.

    Harry TodhunterHarry Todhunter20 ngày trước
  • I think angelica and will are rose and jack only disney-fied

    Saci BubnóSaci Bubnó21 ngày trước
  • Thanks cause I could have ended up in someone else’s digestion, like through their stomach, down through the intestines and ya know like out the poopy hole 🤪

    GFY ProductionsGFY Productions21 ngày trước
  • I‘m planing of writing a childrins movie called „Grandpas mysticals Adventures in Vietnam“ Hope that will last better than this.

    Malvo LorenMalvo Loren22 ngày trước
  • 20:32 YEET!

    Robert RamseyRobert Ramsey22 ngày trước
  • This shit's so cringe, thank god for Jon Tron's hilarious commentary to ease the pain

    Gedo MazoGedo Mazo22 ngày trước
  • Pompeii the legend goes on. This movie blew up the box office

    sir singlesir single22 ngày trước
  • 10:47 when I realized i was gona be forced inside for a while in march

    Oregon western railroad ProductionsOregon western railroad Productions22 ngày trước
  • I feel the need to tell people this, but there is a Titanic Musical, and it's actually really good and very respectful.

    Princess X97346Princess X9734622 ngày trước
  • 22:18 22:25 22:30 22:31

    Noah BrownNoah Brown22 ngày trước
  • Imma make my own movie. It will be called, "Spirit of the Bubonic Plague."

    ART W 13ART W 1323 ngày trước
  • S. c. A. r. L.

    Jëss ?????Jëss ?????23 ngày trước
  • 22:57 Can someone please tell me what song it is??

    Mihiranga HettigeMihiranga Hettige23 ngày trước
    • No

      Mihiranga HettigeMihiranga Hettige3 ngày trước
  • After watching this for the 4th time all i have to say is that this entire movie has the same flow as melted rubber

    Ironic WeebIronic Weeb24 ngày trước
  • Im actually making a movie called “mythbusting Chernobyl”

    Aaron HolstAaron Holst24 ngày trước
  • Am I the only one that thought the girl looked like Anastasia

    Saeran TaehyungSaeran Taehyung24 ngày trước
  • :D... ... ...”You rang mum?”

    Em LiuEm Liu25 ngày trước
  • Like

    The Chopper Games GThe Chopper Games G25 ngày trước
  • The titanic was dillt in Ireland 🇨🇮

    Eoin CarpenterEoin Carpenter26 ngày trước
  • "Why is life pain?"

    Richard GenckRichard Genck26 ngày trước
  • From the cover of the movie I thought that the girl was jsut a mermaid or some shit

    Sangwoo’s HoeSangwoo’s Hoe26 ngày trước

    Joe BlazoJoe Blazo26 ngày trước
  • The arm movement when the gout throws the wicker chair through cracks me up for some reason.

    Ickes ProductionsIckes Productions29 ngày trước
  • thats how you yoink a marriage my friends cut out your face then slap it onto an old or new,wedding painting

    Mr_Jaffy20What??Mr_Jaffy20What??29 ngày trước
  • 20:19 *I died of laughter*

    彩ちゃん彩ちゃんTháng trước
  • Oh you're celebrating the death of your innocenc? I'm gonna celebrate the death of my sanity!

    Andrew WojcikAndrew WojcikTháng trước
  • I guess Feival didn't make it

    Straight JacketStraight JacketTháng trước
  • Angelica's father was actually William all along.

    SkuakSkuakTháng trước
  • Your videos from five years ago look like they were made 5 hours ago

    ImOllie ThatsItImOllie ThatsItTháng trước
  • Am I the only one that thinks Jon should review the other animated titanic movies

    tgiacin435tgiacin435Tháng trước
  • Let’s try and make a movie called ‘The Lore of Hindenburg’.

    Sloane WalkerSloane WalkerTháng trước
  • The concerned look in his face when the dog starts rapping is killing me XD

    The Greatest OnionThe Greatest OnionTháng trước
    • Thqt's only because he was stunned he never heard of this masterful canine artist who was snubbed by our speciesist culture !

      Danko SekulicDanko Sekulic17 ngày trước
  • So when we getting the other titanic movies

    Tyler CampbellTyler CampbellTháng trước
  • Oh, boy, I can’t wait to release my animated movie on cute anthropomorphic animals going through the towers before, during, and after 9/11. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Seriously, who thought this would be a good idea for a children’s film?

    khfan4life365khfan4life365Tháng trước
  • “WHAT THE FUCKING FUUUUUUCCKKKKKK!?” 🤣🤣🤣 My thoughts exactly.

    khfan4life365khfan4life365Tháng trước
  • What did the three Mexican mice say?

    Led Zeppelin Fan01Led Zeppelin Fan01Tháng trước
  • 11:43 discount Harry and Marv

    RallikuninkasRallikuninkasTháng trước
    • Yup

      Trelyn ParkerTrelyn ParkerTháng trước
  • Oh im gonna make a movie: "the fable of the columbine massacre"

    RallikuninkasRallikuninkasTháng trước

    MeepmorpMeepmorpTháng trước

    Joshua GerberJoshua GerberTháng trước
  • It was I was had a stroke out

    Tibor PalmaiTibor PalmaiTháng trước