Vanilla Ice: Cool as Ice - JonTron

26 Th08, 2017
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There's a Vanilla Ice movie?......ohhh nooooooo.....
Jon Jafari - Himself
Taylor Ortega - Ice Bucket Girl
Director/Writer - Jon Jafari
Assistant Director/Line Producer/Director of Photography - Sergio Torres
Gaffer - Mike Shayne
Makeup/Special Effects- Melanie Licata
Production Design - Lynell Vinuya
Post Production:
Lead Editor - Jon Jafari
Assistant Editor - Andrew Reynoso
"Mediocre Burn at Best" by LilTommyJ:

  • Fun fact, my dad quoted this movie a crap ton when I was little. I’m only just now learning that he was quoting this abomination

    Dismal SmileDismal Smile2 giờ trước
  • Rise and shine bitch we’re going to Disney land I have died

    Captain Rex Da starwars gear head yayCaptain Rex Da starwars gear head yay5 giờ trước
  • How was this three years ago? I swear it feels like this canw out like a month ago

    Wee JasWee Jas6 giờ trước
  • 5:07 wait wtf is on the back of his bike???

    Simon JeffriesSimon JeffriesNgày trước
  • I completely lost it at "Rise and shine, bitch. We're going to Disneyland!".

    Cursed TeeshuertCursed TeeshuertNgày trước
  • Anybody else notice the weird scratching record noises that are just thrown into the movie left and right

    Niklas HNiklas H2 ngày trước
  • Rise and shine bitch we going to Disney land, I’ll try that

    Charles MackoCharles Macko2 ngày trước
  • So nearly killed someone and then breaking into that someone's house is the right way to approach someone.

    cringemonkey 507cringemonkey 5072 ngày trước
  • I clicked on the video and it showed up it is rated PG

    Hannah WallaceHannah Wallace3 ngày trước
    • like the movie

      Hannah WallaceHannah Wallace3 ngày trước

    Celtic FoxCeltic Fox3 ngày trước
  • They made a movie without a plot. Bold filmmaking choice.

    Paul MahoneyPaul Mahoney5 ngày trước
  • Did Jake Paul's mom play this movie when she was pregnant and put earphones on her stomach?

    David MiscaviageDavid Miscaviage5 ngày trước
  • Mr. V. Ice lied! He has family! R. Ice, D. Ice, M. Ice, L. Ice, N. Ice, Tw. Ice, Thr. Ice, and Pr. Ice Is Right.

    Christopher CollinsChristopher Collins5 ngày trước
  • I really do miss that old jontron intro

    Soap SpoonSoap Spoon6 ngày trước
  • Methinks them be no American bikes they be ridin.

    Slow NinjaSlow Ninja8 ngày trước
  • Something about a Jojo reference...

    Saness CrapSaness Crap8 ngày trước
  • His fake persona is so forced and out of character it's cringe times 1000! Be yourselves kids or you'll end up like Mr. Ice over here 😁😆😅😂🤣🤦‍♂️

    Kamikaze ACEKamikaze ACE8 ngày trước
  • "Holy s**t you f***ing kill her dude" - JonTron 2017

    Nico PanchuNico Panchu8 ngày trước
  • what was the name the alien race gave Jim for some reason every time i try say it the ocean turns to bad typo i meant California turns to fire

    1Lt Uncle Jack1Lt Uncle Jack9 ngày trước
  • Dang wasn’t expecting you to still have that Elsa costume Jon!

    Demetri Johnson’s siren videos!Demetri Johnson’s siren videos!9 ngày trước
  • Cool banana bike Vanilla

    ScoutScout9 ngày trước
  • Iggy get out of here! he's still alive!

    Ringel BirbRingel Birb10 ngày trước
  • If anyones wondering, the alien text at 12:15 is complete gibberish. It literally reads "dgfasgadfa". Absolutely no funny text here. Im dissapointed, Jon. Missed oppertunity.

    VoxlKnightVoxlKnight10 ngày trước
    • He wouldve up ANYTHING on earth, but he won't put that.

      AndyDoesAnAnimateYTAndyDoesAnAnimateYT4 ngày trước
  • Little did jon know

    Mr.GamermanMr.Gamerman10 ngày trước

    Queen of Rainbow ZebrasQueen of Rainbow Zebras10 ngày trước
  • 9:45

    Skyler BurrittSkyler Burritt12 ngày trước
  • "Rise and shine, bitch!! We're goin' to Disneyland!!" Well that's just sexy

    KunisakeKunisake13 ngày trước
  • The funniest part is under the video, yt recommend I buy the movie

    James O'MalleyJames O'Malley14 ngày trước
  • This may or may not have caused me an unhealthy obsession with vanilla ice

    Skyler BurrittSkyler Burritt14 ngày trước
  • He looks like an off brand jotaro

    megatron627 1megatron627 114 ngày trước
  • you can actually hear the thumping sound lol

    Kalel ArtKalel Art15 ngày trước
  • 9:42 was amazing.

    conservat1vepatr1ot DLconservat1vepatr1ot DL15 ngày trước
  • 2:39 And then she made GOOP.

    LazyPix3lLazyPix3l15 ngày trước
    • She wanted her career to be hurt.

      AndyDoesAnAnimateYTAndyDoesAnAnimateYT4 ngày trước
  • I’d rather watch Eminem rapping about staying in school to children than watching this movie

    Bing Bong Your Opinion is now WrongBing Bong Your Opinion is now Wrong15 ngày trước
    • That's rough

      AndyDoesAnAnimateYTAndyDoesAnAnimateYT4 ngày trước
  • if gwenyth paltrow was in this that actually would have made it worse

    Callie CoCallie Co15 ngày trước
  • Maybe if Gwyneth Paltrow was able to be in this film, she wouldn't be a snake oil saleswoman

    EkusupuroshonEkusupuroshon16 ngày trước
    • And it would be an advertisement for GOOP

      AndyDoesAnAnimateYTAndyDoesAnAnimateYT4 ngày trước
  • Vanilla Ice is EXACTLY who I wanted to be on 2nd grade.

    Re!gnRe!gn17 ngày trước
    • MAN, your standards were incredibley low!

      AndyDoesAnAnimateYTAndyDoesAnAnimateYT4 ngày trước
  • His initials spell out JAH

    Kaiser Wilhelm XXXVIIKaiser Wilhelm XXXVII17 ngày trước
  • Jontron V.S Masked Microsoft.

    emprah the rocketemprah the rocket17 ngày trước
    • He takes the mask off to reveal bethesda

      AndyDoesAnAnimateYTAndyDoesAnAnimateYT4 ngày trước
  • That chics for the streets

    Narcøleptic SkunKNarcøleptic SkunK18 ngày trước
  • How could you not include ice ice turtles

    ____________18 ngày trước
  • how does Vanilla Ice (not a good rapper) gets a movie but Eminem does not have a movie

    cute little catcute little cat18 ngày trước
  • I decided to watched this in a bathtub full of ice cold water to add some atmosphere.

    La Boricua De BorinquenLa Boricua De Borinquen19 ngày trước
  • 4:22 Its the meme!

    MagsPieMagsPie19 ngày trước
  • how funny it is, how different this world would be if Gwyneth Paltrow’s career was in fact ruined by this movie. There would be no goop, there would be no candle, and there would be no laughs to share at her miserable attempt at scamming middle aged mothers. truly a thought experiment to have.

    DangrDangr21 ngày trước
  • No yes no yes no yes no yes no yes no yes

    Man man man man ManMan man man man Man21 ngày trước
  • That intro is too iconic

    MortiMorti21 ngày trước
  • jon

    domingo escotodomingo escoto21 ngày trước
  • we need you

    domingo escotodomingo escoto21 ngày trước
  • p

    domingo escotodomingo escoto21 ngày trước
  • come back to us

    domingo escotodomingo escoto21 ngày trước
  • I miss JonTron

    domingo escotodomingo escoto21 ngày trước
  • Jon tron

    domingo escotodomingo escoto21 ngày trước

    NinjaBluefyreNinjaBluefyre22 ngày trước
  • All bollywood romance movies are like this ngl

    Gax GTGR8Gax GTGR822 ngày trước
  • “Problem is, they both got a point” that killed me😂😂😂

    ShadowCaptain XShadowCaptain X23 ngày trước
  • The formula change Jon references in the last video was probably the fact that this was the last Jontron to have the classic intro.

    Ryan NixonRyan Nixon23 ngày trước
  • 15:22

    Dodges The sonicDodges The sonic24 ngày trước
  • I watch this video every night before bed

    AxzarrAxzarr24 ngày trước
  • i dont need eyes

    Stevie WonderStevie Wonder25 ngày trước
  • By far my favorite video of his

    Carter BoltCarter Bolt25 ngày trước
  • Wow. The 90's almost died before they started thanks to Vanilla Ice. I'm glad he made it out alive.

    DrewdogDrewdog26 ngày trước
  • Wow I miss he’s intro

    malcador the sigillitemalcador the sigillite26 ngày trước

  • RISE AND SHINE B WHERE GOING TO DISNEY LAND! I'm done I'm freaking done lol

    Evangel - ACLREvangel - ACLR26 ngày trước
  • And to think, for a remake of a movie starring what was essentially a prodigy of acting - James Dean, they got Vanilla Ice to replace him. My fucking sides.

    Who CaresWho Cares26 ngày trước
  • But where’s master dio?

    Deleto BlueDeleto Blue27 ngày trước
  • 2:54 this song from Sonic 3 is cooler than the whole movie(at the time of writing this I haven’t finished the video).

    The Geeky PreacherThe Geeky Preacher28 ngày trước
  • So let me get this straight she dumped her boyfriend who has a car a family a good salary job who treats her right for a scum bag mumble rapper with a moterbike and almost killed her and doesn’t even have life insurance. Seems legit

    Hello I am aliveHello I am alive29 ngày trước
  • Vanilla Ice’s hair cut looks an expanding dog turd

    Hello I am aliveHello I am alive29 ngày trước
  • Me and my dad watched this movie because of this and I thought it would be funny after the movie I hade a scratch the back my throat with a shotgun

    imapersonimaperson29 ngày trước
  • 6:22 what is the name of that song?

    Dragon WizardDragon WizardTháng trước
  • 5:06 what the fuck is with that rope tied to the end of his bike?

    FormulkaFormulkaTháng trước
  • "They wouldn't make Dredd 2 but they made this movie" I have literally NEVER cried this hard in my LIFE

    William WaffleWilliam WaffleTháng trước
  • 13:00

    Liam JuanLiam JuanTháng trước
  • Vanilla Ice the original wigger.

    Throgg KingofTrollsThrogg KingofTrollsTháng trước
  • This was nearly a video with vanilla ice, jontron, and Goop all in the same sentence

    Deez NewtsDeez NewtsTháng trước
  • The movie is cringe as hell

    Aaron MessnerAaron MessnerTháng trước
  • 10:09 vanilla ice's hat looks like it belongs in JOJO's bizarre adventures.

    corban danielscorban danielsTháng trước
  • I think I have dyslexia. I thought it said “Vanilla Jon: Cool as Tron”

    I know I’m a cuck, butI know I’m a cuck, butTháng trước
    • I mean...there’s literally not one incorrect fact in that phrase.

      CuriousMeatballCuriousMeatballNgày trước

    King TrashbagKing TrashbagTháng trước
  • If John Brock into my house and pored ice on me I wonder mind

    michael condonmichael condonTháng trước
  • This is what happens when a 5 year old tries to make a movie using their perception of the word "cool" without adult supervision. Which actually might not be too far off from V Ice writing the movie based on his perception of "cool"

    Peter MarsellaPeter MarsellaTháng trước
  • Gweneth's father obviously lacks such qualms nowadays

    Half-Baked MemesHalf-Baked MemesTháng trước
  • Hot Shots did the Horse and Motorcycle thing better.

    Guts HillGuts HillTháng trước
  • Dude how does JonTron only have 6.38 million subs(as I’m typing this). This channel makes Really good quality, funny, and entertaining all around content.

    Vodka KvassVodka KvassTháng trước
    • Because he barely uploads

      koala201211koala20121112 ngày trước
  • “Holy shit you fucking killed her dude” -Legend

    B2 The UnprofessionalB2 The UnprofessionalTháng trước
  • What are you a square * proceeds to draw a rectangle *

    KungfuMachoManKungfuMachoManTháng trước
  • “The chick who drives the 🐎”

    PsYOniC yTPsYOniC yTTháng trước
  • 2:53 *HARD TIMES* / 10:13/12:07 XD

    Melk LimaMelk LimaTháng trước
  • vanilla ice is the type of guy to have 911 on quickdial

    Dr. GrimDr. GrimTháng trước
  • One time Vanilla Ice sponsored my english teachers education project

    MalikieMalikieTháng trước
  • M U H A M M A D A V D O L

    Cameron HudsonCameron HudsonTháng trước
  • Top `10 rappers eminem is too afraid to diss

    Siva SSiva STháng trước
  • 11:02 Sad part is that'd be genuinely profound, if it wasn't stated in the douchiest way possible. Well, by 90s standards of douchebaggery, anyway.

    Bowen OrcuttBowen OrcuttTháng trước
  • No one: Michael Jackson: 2:59 Moms waking you up fo disney land: wake in sweetie Dads waking you up disney land: 9:41 Ethan on h3h3: 14:49

    Oscar VelazquezOscar VelazquezTháng trước
  • “That is inadvisable,at best” My favorite line in the video

    General GrievousGeneral GrievousTháng trước
    • Never mind it was replaced by “why are words allowed to escape your face”

      General GrievousGeneral GrievousTháng trước
  • The last time he used the intro 😭

    Jonah HeningerJonah HeningerTháng trước
  • This guy is so fake i mean where is the part where he eats himself and kick a dog to death.

  • If only we were in the universe where they made dredd 2 instead of this

    Vibe BrosVibe BrosTháng trước