VR Troopers - JonTron

23 Th12, 2017
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Wow, virtual reality is the future...or is it the past?
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Jon Jafari - Himself
Vincent Chan - Ebay Horatio Hart
Director/Writer - Jon Jafari
Line Producer/Director of Photography - Sergio Torres
Gaffer - Mike Shayne
Makeup/Special Effects- Melanie Licata
Production Assistant - Andrew Reynoso
Set Design/Props - Lynell Vinuya
Post Production:
Lead Editor - Jon Jafari
Editor - Andrew Reynoso
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  • wait, he was asian the whole time?

    Guy PersonGuy PersonNgày trước
  • “Target is gay”

    Wubby LoLolWubby LoLolNgày trước
  • 9:36 Doom 1993 door closing sound

    Jacob ReshelJacob ReshelNgày trước
  • My God Jon was so shocked he reverted to being an Italiano

    Matías RMatías RNgày trước
  • Plot twist: Jacques is your father! His mind was transferred into the body of a bird just like that fish from American Dad. 🐦🐟

    ZT SquidZT Squid2 ngày trước
  • Target is gay

    Reid MartinReid Martin2 ngày trước
  • War robots was the old RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

    Reid MartinReid Martin2 ngày trước
  • Oh shit guess I should do it huh

    Camden CombsCamden Combs2 ngày trước
  • I see no comments about how jon destroyed his greenscreen by accident.

    Pickles DillPickles Dill4 ngày trước
  • 3:18 Funniest shit I've ever seen. Litéralement

    Xavier LajoieXavier Lajoie4 ngày trước
  • This show is just that one season of digimon where they were the digimon.

    Genral GuyGenral Guy4 ngày trước
  • "He got hit so hard he returned to being a baby. " I just noticed john sounded like raloff from Skyrim.

    Gaming Princess LunaGaming Princess Luna5 ngày trước
  • 8:21 "TARGET IS GAY" lmao Homophobic robot hahahahaha!!! xD

    BlackWingedSeraphBlackWingedSeraph5 ngày trước
  • OK let me educate you guys on nuclear power plants nuclear power plants polluted by the uranium odds that they have inside all that smog for all that shit that comes out of the top is steam not pollution

    Boneless 2L cupBoneless 2L cup5 ngày trước
  • when he said "TARGET IS GAY" I lost it

    dustboxednorthdustboxednorth6 ngày trước
  • There’s just nukes

    FoxMcCloud3173FoxMcCloud31736 ngày trước
  • I grew up with beetleborgs and power rangers! how is beetle borgs bad? i can tell you with 100% honesty that beetle borgs is the best show you can watch (although power rangers is the original and will always be the top 1)

    Zangetsu Gaming101Zangetsu Gaming1018 ngày trước
  • What scene is this from 13:00

    Gyvony NevarezGyvony Nevarez8 ngày trước
  • 5:54 look at Jon bruh

    b0nn3s Gamesb0nn3s Games8 ngày trước
  • I like how the makers of Power Rangers made a knock off of it

    saucyboi616saucyboi61610 ngày trước
  • I can only imagine what is going through that mans mind as JonTron is messing with him

    The Talented OneThe Talented One10 ngày trước
  • Can someone tell me the of the game 9:58, i need it for research

    Tarorist1Tarorist110 ngày trước
  • Staph staph staph 👌🤣

    ECE 39 Poonam VermaECE 39 Poonam Verma11 ngày trước
  • *Virtual Reality!* 3:06

    Максим ВоробьёвМаксим Воробьёв11 ngày trước
  • for those wondering: the Julian Combs absolute dead emotionless expression 10hour video was released the very next day of this video.

    MrZip420MrZip42011 ngày trước

    ExphixonExphixon11 ngày trước
  • I love the theme song

    Jahzara BeyJahzara Bey11 ngày trước
  • Please tell me where to get that Gameboy fridge

    King of GamersKing of Gamers12 ngày trước
  • I think the vr burnt off your eye brows

    Kolbe MuellerKolbe Mueller12 ngày trước
  • VR Troopers With Kevin smith as woody

    evil_befallevil_befall12 ngày trước
  • This has aged like fine wine

    _jacobdyck_42_jacobdyck_4212 ngày trước
  • not only does the professor look like chubby pucci, he controls realities and shit

    GothWithoutClassGothWithoutClass13 ngày trước
  • "It has become crystal clear, Mr. Hart." *maniacal laughing*

    AmaterasuAmaterasu13 ngày trước
  • What's sad is that nuclear power is clean power so it's actually safer for the environment.

    alex farhatalex farhat14 ngày trước
  • I was drinking water when I saw this part... It ended up all over the floor 8:23

    Gavin RosarioGavin Rosario14 ngày trước
  • "oh hey this part were actually pretty cool" that's the part where the show footage from the japanese counterpart

    AmridisiacAmridisiac15 ngày trước
  • Virtual, programmable, reality

    SanitaryMailbox -SanitaryMailbox -15 ngày trước
  • 4:21. That one kid in among us

    CornDog _MulchCornDog _Mulch15 ngày trước
  • Yyyeesss thank you Jon for getting War robots to sponser you.i love the game❤️

  • 9:36 wait, was that the doom door sound effect?

    AndyDoesAnAnimateYTAndyDoesAnAnimateYT17 ngày trước
  • I never understood why Ziktor transforms twice before going into VR. The white haired form serves no purpose what so ever, except for Bandai to show off: "Look at all the costumes we can afford thanks to Power Rangers". :p

    Blusher ShyBlusher Shy17 ngày trước
  • 2:03

    Christna WaltersongChristna Waltersong18 ngày trước
  • got enough ads dipshit? haha in the middle of typing that u pitch me a fuckin robot game. ha. douche.

    Sleepy G.Sleepy G.18 ngày trước
  • Winnie the poo Winnie the poo Piglet does seppuku

    Wild SideWild Side18 ngày trước
  • .... i go to a college called the ymca

    IshCokeIshCoke19 ngày trước
  • I used to watch this show a lot on KOFY TV 20 in my area back in the day. My favorite characters were Jeb and Percy.

    ShyGuy83ShyGuy8319 ngày trước
  • 0:27 REM

    frozen echofrozen echo20 ngày trước
  • Ryan looks like a mix of Val Kilmer and Charlie Sheen

    KunisakeKunisake20 ngày trước
  • Maybe Grimlord is really Grimbo!

    Captain AmericaCaptain America20 ngày trước
  • Honestly? I loved beetleborgs, I watched it as a kid and still love it today.

    ArchiMedicArchiMedic20 ngày trước
  • I wonder if they got Combs because Zordon’s holographic face didn’t emote so they just got a deadpan dude to be this show’s Zordon. Except Zordon was cool.

    Sydney SlaughterSydney Slaughter21 ngày trước
  • Out of all the 3 power ranger spinoffs; Masked Rider, VR Troopers and Beetleborgs; Beetleborgs was the actual best one out of the 3 for the fact they only use footage from 2 shows that went together while the other 2 just mashed various shows together just to make something.

    ArkanaMasterArkanaMaster21 ngày trước
  • the target is gay got me🤣🤣🤣

    AzrielEnzo 22AzrielEnzo 2222 ngày trước

    Dustinmarttidajoya AgulayDustinmarttidajoya Agulay22 ngày trước
  • I thought beetleborgs was good.

    Javier FloresJavier Flores25 ngày trước
  • I love the fact that nuclear energy is one of the most clean energy and they are still protesting

    Jizz MasterJizz Master25 ngày trước
  • Oh man, I'm gonna redeem that war robots reward. Oh wait, I've had the game for 4 years.

    16thnote YT16thnote YT27 ngày trước
  • 8:23

    Cold CoffeeCold Coffee28 ngày trước
  • “Son” “Son Hi” “Your my dad?” “Look there son!” “Shanghai” Killed me 🤣🤣

    Mr. LemonsMr. Lemons29 ngày trước
  • I kind of want to see Jon cover more American Tokusatsu. I feel like he would enjoy Masked Rider.

    BrevinBrevin29 ngày trước
  • Target is gay

    Ronny BidelerRonny Bideler29 ngày trước

    Simon DenischuckSimon DenischuckTháng trước
  • Vr troopers is kinda like Digi-mon

    TheRealMrTacoTheRealMrTacoTháng trước
  • That poor Chinese man...... Jon really confused the shit out of him

    Swaraj S. AggarwalSwaraj S. AggarwalTháng trước
  • 17:47 *Random U-Wing*

    the sun is a deadly lazerthe sun is a deadly lazerTháng trước
  • Imagine how much it must’ve hurt to take off all that tape on his head

    Literal LaceLiteral LaceTháng trước
  • 10:25 u came here for this and 12:36 this

    L Shadow177L Shadow177Tháng trước
  • Rip-off power rangers !!!!

    Eva-Naiya TorianEva-Naiya TorianTháng trước
  • Ryan: Where are we? Dr Horacio: *YES*

    GrapeSauce YTGrapeSauce YTTháng trước
  • the lizard looks so confused poor guy

    marshall Schaefermarshall SchaeferTháng trước
  • I actually watched this show unironicly when I was a kid

    James SievertsJames SievertsTháng trước
  • grimlord is a great self aware character. hed rather conqour his last reality than just abandon it like how monika or other self aware characters would. doesnt make him better than dr.coomer tho.

    DELTA_gonDELTA_gonTháng trước
  • 14:37 why isn't this a forum weapon yet?

    Seth HarperSeth HarperTháng trước
  • So we just gonna not talk about jons new dad that he just met out of nowhere

    Gs_ ThewhpmkrGs_ ThewhpmkrTháng trước
  • 10:00 What is this? The heck?

    Kapitänleutnant DilanKapitänleutnant DilanTháng trước
  • “Target is gay” -some henchmen

  • That definitely wasnt a power ranger RIP off known as vr troopers.

    Anomaly69Anomaly69Tháng trước
  • "Target is G A Y"

    CowkieeCowkieeTháng trước
  • 16:57 what's even more amazing is that Virtual reality troopers actually do have their own video game I think it's on e Gameboy color

    NIGHTMARE 999 4NIGHTMARE 999 4Tháng trước
  • Chef the shit

    Aidn SepardAidn SepardTháng trước
  • I just wanted to mention that all of this is happening because the dude is legally demolishing and constructing a nuclear power plant...I mean...who's the bad guy in this show exactly?

    Lord KrythicLord KrythicTháng trước
  • I like when it takes me a moment to figure out whether I'm looking at the original footage or Jon's

    Bruno the ExistorBruno the ExistorTháng trước
  • Fun fact: The kanji on the floppy disk at 16:19 means "buttocks"

    The CrowingThe CrowingTháng trước
  • 0:52 the stupid lowlife WEEB trying to get your attention.

    Nerfentity StudiosNerfentity StudiosTháng trước
  • I just realized how much the plot reminds me of Overlord

    DystopianSmileDystopianSmileTháng trước
  • Target is gay!!

    Nathan KiddNathan KiddTháng trước
  • Not gonna lie, I misread the show’s title card as Satan’s VR Troopers!

    The Geeky PreacherThe Geeky PreacherTháng trước
  • I love how he is wearing a vive right next to an oculus rift sensor

    Liam ConranLiam ConranTháng trước
  • the iguana is the best character in the entire show

    Just Some Guy Hiding In The Comments SectionJust Some Guy Hiding In The Comments SectionTháng trước
  • *Target is gay*

    Валентин ValentinВалентин ValentinTháng trước
  • 6:30 lol

    ASTRO_D_kid 18ASTRO_D_kid 18Tháng trước
  • This is why we have nukes ready to end the world

    Eric BellEric BellTháng trước
  • Just go and beat Ziktor's ass in real life

    the Schwibbthe SchwibbTháng trước
  • Still waiting for that julian combs collab

    crimsonpirate9crimsonpirate9Tháng trước
  • Almost 3 years later and I still think of that Piglet...

    Chris WestergaardChris WestergaardTháng trước
  • His dad is grimlord, isn't he

    Paul RondezcaPaul RondezcaTháng trước
  • Fun Fact: Brad Hawkins was going to be the White Ranger in Power Rangers while Jason David Frank who played Tommy on Power Rangers was going to be the lead of VR Troopers. But Tommy proved to be massively popular, so he was made the White Ranger ... and he's been the overrated "Best" Ranger ever since ... even though there are tons of OTHER great rangers who are just as good if not better!

    The DimensioneerThe DimensioneerTháng trước
  • I fucking love cannon nose

    b1 battle droidb1 battle droidTháng trước
  • 8:51

    Logan PetersonLogan PetersonTháng trước
  • I actually have a pack of vr troopers

    personpersonTháng trước